Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

All Bounce Back Occupational Therapists are fully qualified and registered members AHPRA.

Our team are qualified and experienced in working with a wide variety of clients from early Paediatrics, through to elderly. Our Occupational Therapists (OT’s) offer a broad range of different services that are always evidence based, best practice.

We strive to improve the lives of individuals through helping to create the most supportive, helpful, and safe environments at home, school, and in our clinics to help improve independence, and confidence.

A specialist profession requiring a 4-year University qualification, OT’s work with injured, disabled, or delayed clients through the use of a variety of assessment tools and methods to assess function, dysfunction, and capacity. This is done in order to determine how a client will most benefit from assistance to perform daily tasks. These tasks can be related to activities of daily living (ADL’s), employment or leisure tasks.

Following assessment OT’s develop an intervention program to assist their client to perform these tasks. These interventions can include; assistive devices, alternative method training, skills development, education, and/or assisting to teach others how to effectively assist.

OT’s can help with a wide variety of problems including:

  • Sensory processing
  • Developmental delays
  • Fine/gross motor skills training
  • Motor planning, concentration & attention
  • Emotional regulation
  • Self-care (hygiene, toileting, sleep, dressing)
  • Safety & Independence at home
  • Work task/Ergonomic Assessments
  • Activities of Daily Living Assessments
  • Equipment prescription, Assistive Technology
  • Home modifications
  • Functional capacity assessments
  • Supported independent living (SIL)
  • Specialist disability housing (SDA)