Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Our team of ‘Lady Physio’s’ are all about providing a safe and supportive space for you.

If you, or a woman in your life can relate to any of the following, then our Women’s Health Physiotherapists are here.

  • Prolapse
  • Pelvic pain, endometriosis
  • Vaginismus, pelvic muscle tension and spasm
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Exercise during pregnancy
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Pelvic girdle pain
  • De-quervains
  • Vulvar and lower limb varicosities
  • Birth recovery
  • Diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
  • Bladder and bowel dysfunction
  • Dysmenorrhea (painful periods)
  • Dyspareunia / vaginismus (painful sex, pelvic floor muscle spasm)
  • Endometriosis & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

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Naomi Manton Women's Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist
Graduating in 2015, Naomi began her career working as a generalist physiotherapist, dabbling in a bit of everything. She quickly learned that she had a passion for helping women through all stages of their life. Naomi has devoted the last 7 years of her work researching and learning about how to best support women in physiotherapy.</p> <p>Naomi also runs our ever popular Mums & Bubs class, making Wednesdays her favourite day of the week!</p> <p>In addition to women’s health physiotherapy, Naomi has a strong interest in Oncology, and is a certified PINC Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist.</p> <p>“Working in Women’s Health has allowed me to meet and treat so many wonderful clients all with differing needs pertaining to women’s health. From pre-conception to post partum care, pelvic health, endometriosis, continence and pelvic floor dysfunction, menopause and much, much more – it has been a pleasure to assist women in getting and feeling better!“</p> <p>“I have a strong interest in pregnancy and the things that go with pre- and post-natal changes. Pelvic floor and core care is so important in women’s health – did you know that 1 in 3 women suffer from some sort of incontinence, and half of these women don’t seek help? It’s been shown that 80% of incontinence can be improved, if not cured with a course of conservative treatment. How’s that for food for thought?”</p> <p>“Did you know that pelvic pain can affect 1 in 5 Australian women? Pelvic pain can be associated with a range of symptoms including bloating, bowel and bladder troubles, muscle spasms, painful sex, fatigue, anxiety and low mood. Seeing a Women’s Health Physiotherapist can be an integral step towards feeling better. Many women don’t realise that there is help available. Leave your taboos at the door and let’s work together to start feeling better!”</p> <p>PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:<br /> • Dry Needling Level 1<br /> • APPI certification series Matwork Level 1 & 2<br /> • APPI certification series Equipment Level 1 & 2<br /> • APA Introduction to Women’s Health<br /> • APA Assessment and Treatment of the Pelvic Floor<br /> • Introductory Women’s Health Physiotherapy Level 1<br /> • Women’s Health Through the Life Stages Level 1<br /> • Women’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Level 1
Mel Clayfield Women's Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist
Since graduating from Flinders University in 2019 with a Masters of Physiotherapy, Mel has worked in a variety of settings from paediatrics through to aged care and most things in between.</p> <p>She’s now found her niche in women’s health, and is deeply passionate about helping women in Gawler and the Northern suburbs overcome pelvic pain and dysfunction, and to assist them to have active, comfortable and enjoyable pregnancies and postpartum journeys.</p> <p>Mel is able to assess and treat a number of women’s health and pelvic health presentations and issues.</p> <p>PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:<br /> - APPI certification Matwork Pilates Level 1<br /> - APA Introduction to Women’s Health<br /> - APA Women’s Health through the life stages Level 1<br /> - APA Pelvic Health Level 1</p> <p>Outside of work, Mel enjoys spending time with her partner, friends and family and her Boxer puppy Molly. She also finds joy in cooking, keeping active and barracking for Port Adelaide.</p> <p>Mel would love to see you at either our Gawler East or Munno Para clinics.
Fiona Pham Women's Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist
Fiona graduated in 2020 from the University of South Australia. Since then, Fiona has had a taste of various fields of Physiotherapy ranging from general musculoskeletal, aged care, hydrotherapy and paediatric physiotherapy.</p> <p>Since starting her Physiotherapy career, Fiona has always had a soft spot for Women’s Health as she has seen how debilitating pelvic conditions, pelvic dysfunction and pain pre/post natal can be. She loves being able to help women find comfort, management strategies and guidance to regain function and confidence within themselves again.</p> <p>Only recently have Women’s Health conditions such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS and so much more been spoken about more openly. Early diagnosis and intervention is so important in helping women feel empowered, educated and better!</p> <p>My goal as a Women’s Health Physiotherapist is to learn as much as I can so that I can help women within our community feel and move better, and to better understand their diagnosis and what can be done.</p> <p>PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:<br /> - Dry Needling<br /> - APA Introduction to Women’s Health<br /> - APA Women’s Health through the life stages Level 1<br /> - APA Pelvic Health Level 1