Clinical Matwork

Clinical Matwork

Our Clinical Matwork Class has been derived from the principals of Pilates. Pilates was created and designed by a man named Joseph Pilates. With his dad a gymnast and his mother a naturopath, Joseph Pilates was inspired to create a holistic approach to fitness using controlled movements to improve flexibility, strength and endurance in the entire body. The ethos of Pilates was to strengthen not only the body, but the mind also. Joseph believed these two entities are intertwined.

Here at Bounce Back, we have the desire to share the Pilates method for not only fitness but also for rehabilitation purposes. Our classes are run by our very own physiotherapists who are skilled and experienced in Pilates. With their keen eye on your technique, they strive to ensure you have an enjoyable and valuable class.


Due to the recent changes within our community, Bounce Back Health is excited to announce that our Matwork classes are now also taking place on ZOOM!

Join us from our clinic to the comfort of your own lounge room!

With this offer, the time is NOW to start your fitness routine and maintain strength and mobility during these unprecedented times.


Tuesday 6-7pm
Wednesday 6-7pm
Thursday 7-8pm
Friday 10-11am

Gawler East Clinic  or
Online Class via Zoom

$12.50 per class
HICAPS facilities available*