GLA:D® Australia

GLA:D®Australia (Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark)

GLA:D® Australia is a not-for-profit initiative led by La Trobe University.

GLA:D® (Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark) is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis (OA) symptoms. It is an evidence-based program aimed at improving pain, function and quality of life.

The GLA:D® program consists of two sessions of education and 12 sessions of supervised, individualised exercise therapy delivered by one of our trained physiotherapists, Cassie Smiler.

An initial assessment is required to start the GLA:D® program.

This program has an excellent evidence base for real world, functional improvements and pain reduction. Cassie would love to work with you in helping to improve your hip and/or knee osteoarthritis.

The GLA:D® Australia program consists of:

  • An initial appointment to explain the program and measure your current functional ability
  • Two education sessions which teach you about OA, its risk factors, treatment options, and self-management strategies.
  • Group exercise sessions twice a week for six weeks to improve your control of the joint, your confidence in the joint and your strength
  • A review at 3-months with your physiotherapist to discuss progress and goals, and re-measure your functional ability
  • Completion of a questionnaire on registration with the program, and then again at 3 and 12 months after registration to measure changes in areas such as pain, function, quality of life, and medication use.

Eligible participants may be able to use Medicare funding to cover costs of assessments and some people may be eligible to access publicly-funded services. Private health claims should be discussed with your insurer.