Beth Evans

Beth completed her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at the University of South Australia. She was never really certain what it was she wanted to do for a career, but she did know that she wanted to work with kids, help others, interact with people on a daily basis and work within a close team environment – she discovered OT and it ticked all of her boxes!

Beth has a passion for helping others, beginning at the age of fifteen when she was lucky enough to visit the beautiful country of Cambodia and form a connection with the local people. She has since returned to Cambodia twice, each time spending several weeks volunteering in a small, community run kindergarten for children and families living in remote areas of the country.

Beth has a playful and energetic nature and OT allows her to embrace and use these qualities, as well as combine them with her core values and interests, to benefit the lives of others.

Beth believes that OT is about forming therapeutic relationships built on trust, rapport and respect between the client and their therapist. She hopes to use the skills she has learnt through her studies to form such relationships with clients and their families as well as their teachers and carers to ensure that they are provided the opportunity to reach their maximum potential, whether that be at home, at school, at work, as well as in a social or community setting.

Personal interests:
Beth loves to spend her free time catching up with friends and family. She enjoys keeping fit and healthy through running, hiking, going to the gym and living an overall physically active lifestyle. She also loves to cook, bake, read and listen to music!

Clinical interests:

    • Sensory integration
    • Cognitive skills including attention, concentration and memory
    • Social skills
    • Emotional regulation
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Munno Para